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London Borough of Barnet

Building 4
North London Business Park
Oakleigh Road South
N11 1NP
Tel: 020 8359 2000


Cllr Maureen
Cllr Jess
Cllr Rebecca BarnetLabour
Cllr Pauline Coakley
Cllr Dean GreenConservative
Cllr Jack HillLiberal Democrat
Cllr Melvin GreenConservative
Cllr Philip BarnetLabour
Cllr Geof
Cllr Alison
Cllr Richard
Cllr Tom
Cllr Val HillConservative
Cllr Paul
Cllr Claire OakLabour
Cllr Anthony
Cllr Brian
Cllr Eva Church EndConservative
Cllr Rohit SuburbConservative
Cllr Helena
Cllr John HillConservative
Cllr Ross FinchleyLabour
Cllr Anne
Cllr Andreas ParkLabour
Cllr Devra HendonLabour
Cllr Sury HillConservative
Cllr Adam HendonLabour
Cllr Kathy ParkLabour
Cllr David BarnetConservative
Cllr Kitty
Cllr John SuburbConservative
Cllr Kathy FinchleyLabour
Cllr Arjun FinchleyLabour
Cllr Alison FinchleyLabour
Cllr Ammar OakLabour
Cllr Nagus
Cllr Charlie OakLabour
Cllr Graham Church EndConservative
Cllr Alon FinchleyLabour
Cllr Reema
Cllr Bridget BarnetConservative
Cllr Wendy BarnetConservative
Cllr Sachin
Cllr Barry
Cllr Hugh
Cllr Tim
Cllr Gabriel SuburbConservative
Cllr Lisa ParkConservative
Cllr Shimon HillConservative
Cllr Brian
Cllr Gill
Cllr Joan Scannell,
Cllr Alan
Cllr Mark
Cllr Agnes HendonLabour
Cllr Stephen
Cllr Caroline
Cllr Daniel Church EndConservative
Cllr Reuben GreenConservative
Cllr Jim FinchleyLabour
Cllr Laurie BarnetLabour
Cllr Peter HillConservative
Cllr Zakia

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